Online Fundraising

A Legacy of Love

It’s yours to give.

We invite you to make a donation in remembrance of your own precious baby or on behalf of a friend in honour of their baby. By making a donation, you will be releasing a virtual flower into the water in their honour.

For a $30 donation (usually $50), this will also directly provide a bear of hope and resources to a family in honour of the baby you are remembering - leaving a lasting legacy of love. Donate



Terms and Conditions

  1. The maximum number of bears donated at $30 each is 3. For every $100 donated thereafter, one bear of hope will be donated, and the remaining funds will contribute to our other support services. E.g. Donate $200, and 4 bears of hope will be funded with remaining funds to oter support areas..
  2. Bears Of Hope will choose the type of bear (Hope, Sophie or Xavier) to donate.
  3. The $30 bear donation special ends midnight 31st January 2020 and reverts to $50 from 1st February 2020.